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What We Do

Before We Begin:

The first step is to obtain your credit reports from the three credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Together we will go line by line looking at all the information that is currently being reported.


Credit Analysis:

From the consultation our analyst will formulate a plan of action, sometimes advising you in several areas, all working to raise your credit score. Before we begin though we will need to have you sign a agreement and choose a payment plan that best fits your needs. Important things to remember about the agreement are:

  1. Everything that is discussed and reviewed is completely confidential.
  2. All State and Federal Laws will be strictly adhered to.
  3. As the client, you will agree to notify us of any intentions to make a payment late or of any new credit you wish to seek. Since both late payments and inquiries into your credit can cause your score to lower, we would like the opportunity to plan for that (in many cases we can help you negotiate a late payment so that it does not negatively harm your credit).
  4. Everything that is done by Restore Credit Services can be done by you; we do not have a secret formula that is unknown. What we do have is the time and experience dealing with the credit bureaus that most individuals do not.


The Process:

When the agreement is signed and the initial payment is received, we will begin drafting the first dispute letters. We mail them then wait for the credit bureaus to reply. There have been incidences in which customers received letters suggesting that they are working with a credit repair service, and that thier disputes are frivelous and not to proceed. Remember the credit bureaus are not shy about the fact that they do not want to deal with consumers. If you receive one of these letters do not worry,it is your legal right under federal law to use a third party (credit repair service) and we know just how to deal with them. The actual process of mailing letters to the companies can take several months, depending on the situation that you are in; we will send as many as needed to achieve the goal of having your credit reporting correctly.



What We Do

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